Customer service 2.0 for insurance companies

The digital touchpoint that brings you closer to your customers

The customer portal software for unique customer experiences

Customer self service any time, anywhere

Offer your customers the unique experience of a service that exceeds expectations. Digitalisation opens numerous new possibilities to accompany customers on their journey. Today, customers decide on their own how, when and where they get information, communicate or make purchases. This also applies to insurance products.

Your customers decide via which touchpoint they would like to interact with you.

This means that you need a service offer available to customers 24/7 and all over the world. A tool that gives them all the information they need on demand and helps them communicate whenever they like. The name of the iS2 solution for insurance companies is customer portal. A digital touchpoint that meets exactly these requirements, complements your customer service and connects online and offline access. With an integrated customer portal you can offer your customers extra services with added value, thus optimising customer retention in the long term.

All features at a glance


  • Post box (info mails, personal messages, etc.)
  • Personal data
  • View, download, and print contracts
  • View, download, and print offers
  • View, download, and print invoices
  • Real-time monitoring of claims


  • Notification of change
  • Notification of claim
  • Product overview, information, and consulting
  • Risk assessment, preparation of offers and applications
  • Electronic signature
  • Cancel a contract


  • Consultant search
  • Add third party contracts (e.g. by uploading a photo)
  • Administration (settings, change password, etc.)
  • Contact, feedback
  • Support via chat, video chat, email, phone (incl. return call option)

There are many ways to reach a goal

Let your customers choose

Digital interface to customers, sales and processes

The portal holds significant potential for your sales. For instance, brokers are immediately notified of changes made by customers with regard to personal data or existing contracts. Your customer has moved? Use the new situation to update your consulting approach. For your sales activities, the customer portal is a digital touchpoint that links online with offline. Offer your customers the possibility of getting targeted information about your insurance products in the customer portal. Especially when it comes to complex insurance products such as life insurance, customers will rely on competent personal consulting services at a later time and contract insurance in person.

Benefits for your customers

  • Overview of existing insurance contracts incl. third-party contracts
  • 24/7 availability of services irrespective of location
  • Quick & easy contact
  • Convenient self-service and handling (e.g. notification of damage, mileage, view contract data, retrieve invoices)
  • Additional services through partner benefits and tools
  • Desktop and mobile versions

Benefits for you

  • Reduction of the service team’s workload
  • Quicker handling of customer requests
  • Leaner processes and cost reduction
  • 24/7 customer service without additional staff
  • Innovative customer channel thanks to state-of-the-art UI/UX design
  • New offer of value-added services for your customers
  • Expansion of your customer relationships thanks to personal contacts

Integration in your system landscape

The customer portal makes all important functionalities, such as login, mailbox, contract data, etc. available to the users. For this, the customer portal is connected with your inventory system via interfaces. In general, this is done by slim REST or Java APIs. Other interfaces can be quickly and easily realised as well. Ask us for the corresponding documentation or let us answer all your questions during a joint workshop.