iS2 software solutions for insurance companies

We build the bridge to your digital success

iS2 software solutions for insurance companies

We build the bridge to your digital success

Reach your goals more quickly with our powerful software solutions

We develop innovative software solutions for our customers in the insurance and finance industries. For more than 25 years, all our solutions have always had a common goal: to support the sale of insurance products efficiently. Ongoing digitalisation has not only revolutionised the business of our customers but also our service portfolio. While in the past the software solutions offered by iS2 were designed to be the consultant’s only channel to insurance customers, today they support all kinds of touchpoints between customers and insurance companies. Offline and online. Whether consultant, field sales force, call centre or final customer – The 360° portfolio by iS2 offers the right software for all kinds of touchpoints in state-of-the-art omnichannel sales. This is how we build the bridge between insurance sales and customer.

The fastest road to your success

Yesterday wouldn’t be too soon to kick off your software project? Fine, let’s go for it together. Thanks to our agile approach we are able to achieve impressive results for your IT projects quickly. Immediately after the kick-off workshop, our development team will start into the first sprint with a visible result that brings us a significant step closer to your success.


  • Short introduction of the software and the project goal
  • Coordination of general prerequisites (stakeholders, points of contact, communication channels, tools, type and volume of product documentation, etc.)
  • Presentation of customising options and the corresponding customising of documents.
  • Proposal made by iS2 for a concrete approach along with milestone definition and subsequent customer feedback


  • Joint technical or field-related preparation of software components
  • Preparation of the project schedule, agreement on necessary deliverables and deadlines
  • Documentation of results and agreements


  • Implementation starts right after the first workshop with a first short sprint (about 2 to 4 weeks)
  • Provision of a first functioning software component for testing
  • Customer feedback and requests, evaluation and adaptation through our development team
  • Agile preparation of the individual parts in sprints until the application is complete
  • Final tests, approval and going live process.

Rely on the power of iS2 software solutions.


Users and their requirements are always the focal point of our development process.


Optimal user experience at the digital touchpoint by combining aesthetics and usability.


Short development and time-to-market periods thanks to agile project management and complete in-house development.


We rely on agile software development methods such as Scrum, Kanban and Design Thinking.


Unlimited integration into virtually any system environment.


Unlimited capacity to act through the provision of real-time data, 24/7 availability and device independence.