gear industrial designDigital transformation requires companies to rethink the principles of their internal structures and development processes thoroughly. To be quicker, more efficient and more agile in times of digital changes, IT divisions in particular will have to get rid of traditional patterns and structures. While software development (Dev) and IT operations (Ops) have up to now been considered to be completely different divisions and kept strictly separate from one another, advanced approaches and technologies are now paving new ways.

DevOps is a philosophy

As is the term DevOps which has been on everyone’s lips for some time. Time-consuming IT projects, broken deadlines, a high conflict potential and diverging objectives of software development (Dev), IT operations (Ops) and Quality Assurance (QA) are just some of the key challenges the IT world has had to face in the last few years. To fundamentally improve IT processes and pursue common objectives across divisions – such as the quick implementation of qualitative, stable software – software development, testing and IT divisions team up when working according to the DevOps approach. DevOps is not a technology or method but rather a philosophy that has an impact at the level of corporate culture. With Dev, QA and Ops working closer together, fundamental processes in software development and operations are improved while promoting the efficient collaboration of these divisions.

Using valuable synergies with DevOps

Collaboration according to the DevOps approach is marked by mutual respect, esteem and open communication. This reduces frictional losses between the divisions and allows value-adding knowledge transfer. There is no explicit definition of the processes, methods or tools to be used for the introduction of DevOps in a company. It is precisely here where your collaboration with iS2 will show the greatest effect! We have already supported several of our customers in the insurance and finance industries in the successful introduction of DevOps and the transfer of agile methods to their IT. In our projects, the principle of small, independent and vertical teams has shown the best results in terms of joint efforts to achieve objectives. The combination with microservices architecture  has proved to be especially successful. In microservices, every vertical team works on a context-related service and is entrusted with full responsibility for it.

How to implement DevOps successfully

To get DevOps up to full speed in your company, our experts work with you to determine all the current frictional losses in your IT structure. We support you in successfully implementing customised processes, coaching teams, and understanding and embracing the DevOps philosophy across all levels of hierarchy. iS2’s experts are part of your project team or take on key roles in agile Scrum methodology such as Scrum Master or product owner. Actively committing to DevOps principles does not just mean increased flexibility and higher development speed across divisions. Your IT also detects improvement potential more quickly. In addition, the direct communication between Dev and Ops reduces the risk of errors caused by misunderstandings. Interpersonal relationships in teams collaborating respectfully increases employee satisfaction as well as mutual knowledge transfer. And along the way, the DevOps culture has a positive influence on your company’s power of innovation as team members think outside the box and gain insight into other divisions. At iS2, development, operations, and quality assurance already work closely together. We are convinced of the positive effects of DevOps and consider this form of respectful collaboration a competitive edge. Benefit from our knowledge and the certainty of achieving your overarching goal more quickly: Your company’s success!