mind map brainstroming Scribble UX-DesignGood usability, intuitive navigation concepts and state-of-the-art interfaces of digital solutions are important aspects in purchasing decisions. They catch the users’ attention, build up trust and communicate top quality, which has a positive influence on the conversion rate. Ensuring intuitive usability of digital solutions that become increasingly complex as development progresses and offer users a comprehensive range of functionalities poses a major challenge to software developers. To develop applications that provide added value to users, user centered design should be established in your company.


Interface for man-machine interaction

Through early evaluation and error detection we guarantee customised solutions and a maximum degree of functionality and usability of your individual application. Our experienced UX/UI designers set a high value on interdisciplinary cooperation in a creative design process. On the basis of your target group’s requirements and a clearly defined user context, our team develops interaction concepts and visual prototypes that make the application tangible. In the course of a continuous optimisation process of the concept, a holistic user interface is implemented as a man-machine interface. This enables a complex technical subject to become an attractive, intuitive and playful software interface.

Usability as a true competitive edge

iS2 relies heavily on agile and iterative project practices. The dynamic, practice-oriented development of applications involving Design Thinking processes has been tried and tested in many customer projects. We understand design as a holistic approach to the user-oriented creation of interactive systems. Thanks to usability that is both intuitive and productive for users, they can focus fully on the result of the application. This demonstrably increases user acceptance of the product. We at iS2 therefore see usability as a true competitive edge. Cross-device information architecture, an intuitive navigation concept and continuous product evaluation during software development increase the satisfaction of your customers, reduce your internal service efforts and establish long-term brand loyalty. And what’s even more important: they convey a high degree of professionalism and quality, thus having a positive impact on your conversion rate. Turning consumers into customers – our experts accompany you on your way!