devices write workDigitalisation increasingly focuses on customers and their needs. This also raises the hurdles with regard to the development of user-oriented software. However, owing to the variety of existing platforms, the choice of end devices and operating systems poses an additional challenge as well. To meet these requirements continually, testing software and systems is the supreme discipline of any software development process.

Automated testing to fight errors

Unfortunately, this step is frequently neglected or performed rather half-heartedly in order to deliver productive software as quickly as possible. In the worst case, serious errors are detected as late as during the operation of the software, thus causing additional costs, and take a lot of time to rectify. To avoid this scenario in your software development process, the professional implementation of testing and its efficient planning independently of deadline and cost factors is essential. A dedicated automated testing solution can detect a lot of errors at an early stage and these can be remedied before software release. The formula is simple: The sooner you find an error, the less money you will have to spend on remedying it. In addition, automated testing ensures greater software stability. An automated script that can be run every day, even around the clock, detects problems in software stability earlier than a tester who carries out manual regression tests every three months before the release. This reduces test periods, thus enabling quality assessment of software standards at short notice.

Maximum test quality for your software development process

Our iS2 experts support you in achieving maximum test quality in your software development processes and help you cut your time and financial expenditure permanently. Before we start software testing at your premises, we identify the test cases you could economically automate in your existing IT system. After this, our specialists implement the test cases so that these can be carried out automatically in the future. This reduces your manual test efforts, increases the productivity of your software development and simultaneously minimises maintenance efforts and error rates. Develop the right testing strategy for you together with us and benefit from our expertise with regard to the implementation and extension of the corresponding infrastructure. Besides recognised ISTQB certifications, the iS2 QA team contributes in-depth practical knowledge about test engineering, test-driven development and automated testing with Selenium, Protractor, PhantomJS and TestComplete to your project.