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Some things come unexpectedly. We all know this situation: A sales opportunity opens up suddenly. You need a quick and emotional tool to win your customers for a specific subject there and then. That’s exactly the moment for our individual apps and tools for the support of your insurances sale. Web app or microsite: With a few convincing slides you will have made a consulting appointment in no time.

Web app: “care consulting”

The Second Federal Care Strengthening Act (PSG II) has been in force since 1 January 2017. The legal improvements have again brought the subject of care back into the center of attention. It is a proven fact that customer awareness of gaps in the care system and the necessity of complementary nursing care is constantly growing.

  • Laptop Desktop Tablet Smartphone Responsive Design Web-App Pflegeberatungstool
  • Kopf mit Zahnrädern start screen zu Web-App Pflegeberatungstool
  • Illustrierte ältere Frau und Mann mit Sprechblasen zu Frage Wann erhalte ich Leistungen aus der Pflegeversicherung?
  • Torten Diagramm mit Legende zu Pflegeberatung

Areas of consulting

  • Legal changes induced by PSG II
  • Individual gaps in the care system
  • Arguments for additional private insurance


  • Web app, operable in all standard browsers
  • Responsive design for laptop, smartphone and tablet
  • Additional printed expertise with relevant information about consulting with regard to care at a glance

iPad app: “Value of Work”

The ability to work is a frequently underestimated capital value that can be used as a very convincing sales argument. The “Value of Work” app illustrates the cumulated income over the next few years in a graph and raises awareness among customers for the risk of a premature loss of earnings.

Tablet mit Web-App Wert der Arbeit
Tablet mit Web-App Wert der Arbeit zu der Frage Welche Risiken können Ihre Arbeitskraft beeinträchtigen?
Tablet mit Web-App Wert der Arbeit Tortendiagramm zu Berufs- oder Erwerbsunfähigkeit


  • Independent, subject-specific illustration of facts and sales arguments
  • Raise awareness among your customers for the risk of a premature loss of earnings
  • Background on loss of earnings risks such as occupational invalidity/reduction in earning capacity, accidents, long-term sickness
  • Lists of occupational groups particularly at risk
  • Native, full-format iPad app

iPhone app: “Stage Model for Company Pension”

Owing to governmental subventions, company pensions provide strong sales arguments. Even small budgets can add up to impressive gross values. However, savings are subject to great variations, depending on the pension product. With little data entered, our iPhone app calculates individual tax and social insurance savings and displays them in an easy-to-grasp format. In addition, the conversion of capital-forming benefits and employer contributions can be taken into account.

Logo Web-App bAV - Stufenmodell
Smartphones mit WebApp bAV - Stufenmodell Beispiel-Screens
Smartphone mit WebApp bAV - Stufenmodell


  • Calculation of gross premium for company pension (total amount) and net premium (customer’s own payment), amount paid out and tax/social security savings
  • Calculation results through certified calculation engine of iS2 AG
  • Before/after graph
  • Native iPhone app, online link required for calculation