The software for comprehensive insurance consulting

IDD, DIN finance analysis und Consulting 4.0 combined

VERA.neo is iS2’s software for comprehensive insurance consulting in the fields of material and financial risks, retirement provisions and asset planning. VERA.neo tackles the three greatest challenges currently facing insurance sales.

The consulting system meets all requirements for digitalisation, IDD and DIN standards for maximum consulting success.

VERA.neo at a glance

  • Software for comprehensive insurance consulting
  • Configurable standard software (online/offline)
  • Consulting process compliant with IDD
  • Conforms to DIN SPEC 77222 analysis standard
  • Comprehensive, subject-related and risk-oriented consulting
  • Seamless data connection to CRM and quotation systems
  • Responsive design (desktop and mobile phone)

IDD-compliant consulting with VERA.neo

Developed for direct use during the consulting session, the responsive application’s modern design encourages consultant and customer alike to arrange for retirement provisions.

VERA.neo analyses customers’ or households’ entire risk coverage situation according to DIN SPEC 77222, highlighting any need for action. This ensures that the entire consulting process complies with IDD and leads to the conclusion of insurance contracts – from efficient data capture to helpful expert advice and documentation.

VERA.neo can be completely and seamlessly embedded into the surrounding technical system landscape, thus supporting smooth data flow to quotation and CRM systems. This ensures maximum acceptance among brokers and creates efficient sales processes.

IDD-compliant consulting range

  • First contact (introduction)

    Information about the broker, data protection and communication policy

  • Obligation to ask questions (scope)

    Requests, needs, target market

  • Obligation to provide consulting (needs)

    Analysis of current situation, recommendation

  • Obligation to state reasons (overview)

    Requests & needs, suitability, current situation, target market

  • Documentation obligation

VERA.neo helps you provide a more detailed consulting service for the assessment of individual needs.


For comprehensive, subject-specific or risk-oriented consulting

VERA.neo offers you and your consultants full flexibility during the consulting session. Besides the comprehensive consultation, the application offers two further consulting paths that can be variably selected depending on the consulting situation and scope.


Starts a process that carries out an analysis compliant with DIN SPEC 77222


Consulting on individual subjects of the finance analysis according to DIN SPEC 77222.


Starts by giving advice on a specific analysis subject chosen from all subjects mentioned in DIN SPEC 77222.

Intuitive UX design for optimal customer experiences

  • Devices - responsive design - Beratungssystem VERA und OASE
  • Beratungssystem VERA und OASE - Vorstellung
  • Beratungssystem VERA und OASE - Beratungsumfang
Suitable for all kinds of end devices

You can use VERA.neo on your PC, notebook or tablet.

VERA.neo at a glance.

Consulting 4.0

Seamless data connection
with surrounding systems


Assessed by an

external body

Conforms to DIN SPEC 77222 standard

Analysis according to independent priority setting and target figures

Automated record generation

Collection and consolidation of all background data

Desktop and mobile phone

Responsive user interfaces in the back office and on the tablet

Online & offline

Online as standard,

offline available as an option