The modular software for comprehensive risk protection consulting

Since 2002, the iS2 OASE brand has been synonymous with detailed risk protection consulting in the life insurance segment. The software is designed to support sales and consulting in connection with standard retirement pension products.

OASE is a standalone solution that can be optionally integrated into your consulting workflow as a component of the integrated VERA.neo consulting software.

OASE, the market leader in risk protection consulting, considers many aspects including customer-specific tax-related and social insurance-related effects and illustrates the benefits resulting from all these parameters for your customers. We use a tested and regularly certified calculation engine to calculate the tax and social insurance effects. During maintenance, the engine is updated with all statutory changes to ensure that you and your customers can rely on correct consultancy results at all times.

OASE at a glance

  • Software for risk protection consulting in detail
  • Configurable standard software (online/offline)
  • Modular design including Riester, Rürup, company pension
  • Certified calculation engines, tried and tested in the market
  • Tax/social insurance calculations are certified by a chartered accountant
  • BiPRO and GDV-compliant

The right consulting tool for any sales situation

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  • OASE Software iS2 AG Beispiel Screen Brutto-/Nettorechner
  • Screen Oase - Ersparnisrechner Förderrente

OASE has a modular design.

The consulting tool consists of needs-based modules covering a large variety of successful sales processes. From known pension shortfalls to providing a basis for discussing the implementation of company pensions by employers.

We offer the following standard modules:

Riester pension scheme calculator

The Riester pension scheme calculator allows for easy and comprehensible consulting on “Riester pension” products. With the tool you can clearly represent all details such as allowances, tax refunds, spouses’ contract, household budget analysis, etc. The integrated net analysis displays the financial benefits and provides you with selling points that will win your customers over.

Rürup pension scheme calculator

Old-age provision based on the Rürup model is not necessarily just for self-employed people. The Rürup pension scheme calculator shows tax savings for one-off payments as well as regular contributions to the scheme.

Gross-net calculator

What is the gross contribution for a given net contribution or vice versa? The gross-net calculator helps you quickly determine the corresponding amounts based on the selected scheme and individual circumstances (age, civil status, children, occupational group, income, etc.).

Layer comparison

The savings effects resulting from the reduction of taxes and social insurance contributions are subject to different regulations depending on the specific scheme. The individual circumstances (age, civil status, children, occupational group, income, etc.) also have an impact on the amount of benefits during the savings and benefits phase. With the “layer comparison” module you can clearly display all quantitative and qualitative effects to help select the optimum scheme.

Stage model

Corporate social benefits offer high tax savings and social insurance through deferred compensation. The amount of contributions can be increased through other stages of financing, including employer contributions and capital-forming benefits.


What kind of net shortfalls are likely to arise with regard to retirement pension, occupational or physical disability, reduction in earning capacity or provision for dependants? The “Shortfalls” tool provides the answers to this question. In addition, it shows the yearly increases in contributions depending on the start of the old-age provision schedule.

Investment comparison

Bank and insurance products differ in terms of taxation and suitability for retirement provision. Depending on the product details and individual tax situation, the module helps to display the ramifications of both saving variants on performance.