DIN finance analysis

Analysis according to the finance standard DIN SPEC 77222

Consulting based on the standardised finance analysis

for private households

The DIN finance analysis is the needs check tool for consultants. The software solution incorporates the entire consulting process according to the “Standardised finance analysis for private households” (DIN SPEC 77222). Whilst the needs check is based on customers entering data themselves, the DIN finance analysis additionally includes comprehensive data capture with regard to risk analysis according to DIN SPEC 77222.

Furthermore, the DIN finance analysis considers customers’ existing risk prevention products. The tool is an integral part of VERA.neo and can also be embedded into existing consulting systems or used as a standalone solution.

The consulting process compliant with DIN SPEC 77222

Similar to the needs check, the DIN finance analysis is also a tool for consulting, priority setting and evaluating the performance of customers’ individual risk coverage with regard to material and financial risks, retirement provisions and asset planning.


    of relevant household data and financial risks, determination of savings objectives


    Relevance and priority setting


    Risk coverage, retirement provisions and asset planning actions required


    Calculation of performance


    Recommendation of suitable product classes