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Consulting compliant with IDD, DIN SPEC 77222 etc.

Digitalisation, the IDD directive for the sales of insurance products and DIN-compliant industry standards are the latest buzz words when talking about the insurance industry and state-of-the-art consulting.

In an era of digitalisation and increasingly complex regulations, insurance companies must reinvent their sales activities. Modern consulting systems that address all these challenges provide valuable support in this respect.

VERA.neo and OASE, iS2’s best-known consulting applications, look back on a long tradition. Consulting tools such as the needs check, the DIN finance analysis or the suitability test round off the portfolio of consulting products at the point of sale. They all have one thing in common: they help brokers to advise their insurance customers in an individual, state-of-the-art and, above all, legally compliant fashion. Efficient processes and compliance with regulatory requirements guarantee high-quality recommendations – the foundation of a consulting process based on mutual trust.

iS2 consulting solutions at a glance

iS2 consulting solutions at a glance

Responsive interface


Online & offline

Flexible scope of consulting

Intelligent data capture

BiPRO- and GDV-compliant

IDD-compliance confirmed by independent institute

Conforms to DIN SPEC 77222 standard

Certified calculation engine

Individual customising

Interfaces for data exchange


Power boost for successful insurance sales

Consulting on insurance products has been part of iS2’s core competencies since the very beginning. Together with CRM systems and quotation software, consulting software is one of the three key tools for the sale of insurance products. In our opinion, successful insurance sales are only possible when these three pillars are firmly integrated into the fundamental processes of insurance companies.

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  • "We believe that consulting systems are mandatory in the context of (...) challenges. They must be used by every consultant in every conversation. In order to do this, the system must be flexible enough. Both in terms of different conversation situations and in interaction with other systems."

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    Klaus Frischholz
    Klaus Frischholz CUSTOMER SYSTEMS - iS2 AG

Digitalisation, IDD and DIN-compliant standardisation

The great challenges in the sale of insurances

Digital Sales

with consultation 4.0

Digitalisation makes it possible to link all kinds of sales systems intelligently with one another. Cross-system data exchange has never been easier. And since we are committed to optimally support the sale of insurance products with our software solutions, we use the full potential offered by digitalisation to make your insurance sales a success.

Consulting 4.0 – Consulting software delivers its full potential when completely and seamlessly embedded in the technical systems landscape of the overall sales process, thus ensuring smooth data flow between CRM, quotation system and consulting software. In a consistently integrated workflow, modern consulting software becomes an important tool for the broker. Time-consuming multiple entry of data in different systems is a thing of the past. Maximum acceptance among users in sales and thus maximum efficiency of sales processes are guaranteed.

Insurance Distribution Directive

IDD insurance directive – At the beginning of 2018, the new Insurance Distribution Directive (IDD) was introduced to ensure greater transparency and better accountability in insurance sales. The insurance sales directive was adopted by the European Parliament. The requirements must be fully met by all insurance companies no later than October 2018. The objective of the directive is to improve consumer protection by guaranteeing needs-based consulting and fulfilling extended documentation obligations. In the future, it will set out a framework for what consulting should be like.

In view of the continued IDD-compliant brokerage of insurance products, established consulting processes must be extensively redesigned. Software-supported systems are a quick and secure means of achieving this. They take over the regulatory part, while brokers can fully and entirely focus on customers and their needs. The comprehensive consulting system VERA.neo covers a fully IDD-compliant consulting process. All other consulting solutions by iS2 cover parts of the additional consulting obligations of the IDD.

DIN SPEC 77222

Standardized financial analysis for private households

Finance analysis DIN SPEC 77222 – Standards such as DIN SPEC 77222 have become an established means of improving consumer protection in finance consulting. The basic finance analysis for private households defines recommended analysis standards for transparent and straightforward finance consulting.

DIN SPEC 77222 comprises material and financial risks, retirement provisions and asset planning. Its objective is to capture the financial situation of private households in these three areas and to derive measurable and objective recommendations based on individual needs. According to DIN SPEC, the determined areas of need are divided into three levels: “Basic financial needs”, “Maintenance of the living standard” and “Improvement of the living standard.” An increasing number of market players have already accepted these standards. In the near future, DIN SPEC 77222 will be translated into DIN NORM 77230, which could finally pave the way to standardised finance consulting.

In our capacity as a provider of solutions for insurance companies, we continuously monitor all activities and trends in the industry. Only after thorough evaluation do we decide whether we should integrate new functions as standards into our systems, always keeping added value for our customers in mind. The DIN SPEC 77222 has proved to be a mainstream standard in finance consulting and has consequently been considered in our consulting systems. The consulting systems VERA.neo, the DIN financial analysis and the needs check include all risk objects defined by the specification as well as the coverage of risks and the division into three requirement levels. This ensures that every consultant arrives at the same result when analysing customers’ current situation and their individual needs. Subsequent suggestions with regard to possible actions and product selection will continue to be made on an individual basis.

Standard conditions for individual consulting solutions

The basic structure of our consulting software, including its tried and tested professional key modules, is embedded in a standardised system frame. This enables the particularly cost-efficient and speedy use of the basic system. You benefit from regular maintenance and continuous update service. By customising the software, we adapt it to individual designs, technical conditions and professional rules and include special functionalities.

Flexible and modular

The functional units of the application can be used together or individually as modular components or services. Numerous gap and advantage calculators, regulatory test algorithms (suitability), tax calculators and many other modules are also available.