coffee Kaffee micro bubble crema schaum milchschaumDigitalisation is forcing companies and their IT divisions to radically rethink their concepts. Those who do not join the trend will sooner or later be left behind by the competition. If you have not rethought your IT organisation yet, you should act quickly to adapt to fast-paced changes, meet new requirements, and open your mind to innovative technologies. Microservices significantly contribute to the new orientation and modernisation of your IT. In the long run, this step is imperative since in the last few years, the complexity of traditional IT has constantly increased and nowadays costs companies an enormous amount of time and money.

Upgrade your IT organisation

The major part of the IT budget goes into the maintenance of the status quo and can therefore not be used for the new requirements of divisions or innovations. By implementing a new customised architecture and introducing innovative technologies such as Microservices, we support our customers in modernising their IT, thus ensuring their long-term sustainability and competitive edge. Modern architecture and technologies – in case of Microservices the independent deployment through the modularisation of applications – significantly increase flexibility and speed of IT. Requirements from technical divisions can be implemented quickly and reach your customers promptly. Furthermore, resources as well as technical possibilities are available for innovations. Thanks to improved performance, IT can make a significant contribution to company success. iS2 offers expertise as well as many years of experience in the field of insurance, at both strategic and operative levels. Our experts accompany you from strategy development and design to successful implementation. With our project experience and technological know-how in strategy, concept design, architecture, implementation and operations, we support the entire process of your digital transformation. Let’s revolutionise your IT together!