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Your success is our priority. That’s why we always keep up to date with future topics and technical innovations in the field of IT and insurance. This is the only way to keep pace with the rapid progress of digital transformation.

To promote not only your success but also to give you a significant leading edge, we are permanently extending our digital competency. We draw on research labs, interdisciplinary project work and innovative training programmes to find the best solutions to offer you.

Decoupled architecture | ODS | Data Lake

In the fields of insurance and finance, customer data is the basis for successful sale of insurance products. It is therefore indispensable that the sales team has access to all relevant data any time, anywhere. As securely, quickly and easily as possible. From our many years of experience in the insurance business, we know that […]

Big data | data analytics

You want to get the most out of your data? We are here to provide support. Every individual business process leaves a digital footprint in the systems. This means your company already has a vast quantity of data – distributed across a wide variety of systems. New data are added by the minute. Big data […]

Agile coaching

The desire for more agility in an increasingly complex IT world is greater then ever. In too many cases, large software projects require an excessive amount of time and cause unbudgeted high costs but do not provide the results desired by users. This poses a real problem for digital transformation inside companies. In addition, in […]


Digital transformation requires companies to rethink the principles of their internal structures and development processes thoroughly. To be quicker, more efficient and more agile in times of digital changes, IT divisions in particular will have to get rid of traditional patterns and structures. While software development (Dev) and IT operations (Ops) have up to now […]

Continuous Delivery

As part of the DevOps approach, Continuous Delivery (CD) also aims at the primary goal of making software available to the market more quickly and efficiently. To cope with the increasingly complex requirements of digital transformation, organisations need to speed up traditional software supply chains by shortening release cycles. Continuous Delivery automates the entire software […]

Test automation | engineering

Digitalisation increasingly focuses on customers and their needs. This also raises the hurdles with regard to the development of user-oriented software. However, owing to the variety of existing platforms, the choice of end devices and operating systems poses an additional challenge as well. To meet these requirements continually, testing software and systems is the supreme […]


Digitalisation is forcing companies and their IT divisions to radically rethink their concepts. Those who do not join the trend will sooner or later be left behind by the competition. If you have not rethought your IT organisation yet, you should act quickly to adapt to fast-paced changes, meet new requirements, and open your mind […]

UX/UI design

Good usability, intuitive navigation concepts and state-of-the-art interfaces of digital solutions are important aspects in purchasing decisions. They catch the users’ attention, build up trust and communicate top quality, which has a positive influence on the conversion rate. Ensuring intuitive usability of digital solutions that become increasingly complex as development progresses and offer users a […]


Angular might be the best known and most powerful open-source frontend framework for the creation of complex web applications. For some time, the web framework has been seriously hyped by developers and is considered a must-have skill when it comes to sustainable web technologies. The good thing about it: Angular has only just started to […]

Insurance Distribution Directive (IDD) | consulting at the point of sale (POS)

The insurance industry faces the Herculean challenge of applying the requirements of the IDD (Insurance Distribution Directive) to company processes. The EU implementing act concerning the IDD has been in effect since 23 February 2018, and all requirements must be fully met no later than October 2018. For insurance companies, besides the sales of insurances, […]

Electronic signature

In addition to our electronic signature solution inSign, we provide you with technical consulting on the possibilities of using the electronic signature in your company. Together with you, we identify the possibilities of integrating the electronic signature into your process chain and reveal where you can benefit from optimisation potentials thanks to digital signature processes. […]

BiPRO web services

As a member of the industry initiative Process Optimisation, we play an active role in shaping current developments in the insurance industry. This ensures that we never miss a trend, and are able to provide our customers in the insurance industry with innovative IT solutions at all times. As your long-term industry partner we accompany […]