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Industry expertise and experience for the insurance industry

Digital transformation is turning the entire insurance industry upside down. A steady flow of new technologies is driving this change. InsurTech and FinTech companies are using the change process for new, flexible business models and are setting a brisk pace in terms of innovation. To keep up, large insurance companies will have to radically rethink their strategy.

You need new IT solutions to be one of the digital groundbreakers in your industry. Solutions that offer you a shorter time to market, a higher degree of individualisation, customer-oriented, agile development and the automation of your business processes. We are here to support you! With our technological expertise and industry know-how we give you the decisive digital edge. Our IT consultants have the right solution for any problem. Benefit from the experience gathered in numerous digitalisation projects in the insurance environment.

Cutting-edge technologies for your digital success

At present, all insurance companies are facing the same challenges. We have already assisted many of them and together we have found successful solutions for all matters relating to the digitalisation of their business processes. Our IT consultants are happy to help you in mastering the balancing act between traditional IT and the now indispensable agile IT.

Cutting-edge technologies such as Continuous Delivery, DevOps, Microservices, etc., help us to successfully implement bimodal IT – the IT with two speeds – in your IT organisation. To get quick results in your digitalisation project, we rely on agile software development methods such as Scrum, Kanban and Design Thinking.



The quick implementation of stable, high-quality software is the common objective of development (Dev) and operations (Ops). When pursuing this objective, the approach draws on interpersonal relationships, mutual appreciation and respect in the form of efficient collaboration of both fields.



A holistic view of the customer, 24/7 availability of all inventory data, strong performance of legacy systems – and that is by far not all the Operational Data Store (ODS) can do for your company.

Continuous Delivery

Continuous Delivery

Development - quality assurance - testing: With Continuous Delivery, the software delivery chain is continuously followed with every change of code. The automated pipeline ensures the development of quality-assured ready-to-install software within a short time.



Turning consumers into customers! Professional user experience will support you with this. Read more about how to create unique user experiences while simultaneously increasing your conversion rate.

Big Data / Data Science

Big Data / Data Science

You would like to understand the detailed needs of your customers? Big data makes it possible. Our data experts support you in transforming your data into valuable knowledge and using it in an intelligent, value-adding fashion for your insurance product sale.

Agile Coaching

Agile Coaching

Flexibility, speed and maximum quality in an increasingly complex IT world? The introduction of agile methods and practices also makes this possible at your company. We are here to support you! Agile Coaching will sustainably increase your competitiveness.

Test Automation

Test Automation

We support you in reducing your manual test efforts and boost the productivity of your development. Along the way, test automation minimises your maintenance costs and error rates.



Is your IT ready for the future? With Microservices you make a great step forward to digital transformation. Revolutionise your IT for long-term sustainability and secure a decisive competitive edge for your company.



Angular might be the best known and most powerful open-source frontend framework for the creation of complex web applications. For some time, the web framework has been seriously hyped by developers and is considered a must-have skill when it comes to sustainable web technologies.

Reach your goals quicker with agile methods

In times of digital transformation, it has become increasingly important to reduce development times. By using agile methods, your IT will be able to meet the requirements made by company departments much more quickly and more efficiently. Agile software development is the key to your digital project success. The iterative approach enables us to react more quickly to feedback from company departments and to supply executable software within short release cycles. Agile methods allow for several deliveries within one regular release, e.g. one delivery per sprint (2-4 weeks) when working according to Scrum. Convince yourself: A one-day workshop is enough to obtain first visible results for your planned project.

Our experts support you in the introduction of agile methods and practices into your IT projects, taking into account your individual requirements. In the course of numerous different digitalisation projects our consultants have gathered comprehensive know-how in a variety of roles in Scrum, Design Thinking and Kanban. In your individual project, Certified ScrumMasters (CSM), Professional ScrumMasters (PSM) and Professional Scrum Product Owners (PSPO) as well as developers with various qualification profiles will support you. It is possible to provide you with individual experts who support you in your project on specific subjects as well as tried and tested Scrum teams.

Why are we the right partner for your project?

We understand how we can reach your goals. And what know-how is really about. The key to the success of your project is the practical combination of “KNOW” and “HOW.” Combining the interaction of technical and specialist knowledge with methodical competency is a major part of our experts’ skill set.


We have been developing solutions for the insurance industry for more than 25 years.


We are passionate about facing technological challenges.


We rely on agile methods to reach your goals more quickly.


Knowledge is good, experience is irreplaceable. The combination of both is our most valuable asset.


Thanks to our lean structures we are able to react quickly to customer inquiries.


A strong team spirit and interpersonal cooperation are top priorities in our company.

Passion and KNOW-HOW for your success

Our IT consultants accompany you on your way to digital business. With passion and our specialist KNOW-HOW, we support you at all levels of your software development process, throughout all project stages. From our i2S subsidiaries in Freising, Munich and Landshut and upon request also at your site.

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