HDD Hard Drive Server Operational Datastore ODSIn the fields of insurance and finance, customer data is the basis for successful sale of insurance products. It is therefore indispensable that the sales team has access to all relevant data any time, anywhere. As securely, quickly and easily as possible. From our many years of experience in the insurance business, we know that in numerous cases the reality is completely different. In general, legacy systems are very complex. Data collected with regard to existing and prospective customers are extremely multi-layered and frequently distributed on disparate, low-performing old systems.

360° view of your customers

The result is an inconsistent database which not only affects the smooth flow of your internal processes but also impedes 24/7 availability of all relevant data. As a result, your sales team is not fully operable. If worst comes to worst, you might even lose valuable business deals. For a holistic view of your customers, the decoupling of legacy systems (decoupled architecture) is necessary. This enables the application of new technologies offering centralised access to all existing data. One of them is the Operational Data Store, short: ODS. The redundant data store brings the information of all systems together and makes it available around the clock in a unified interface (single source of truth). Besides 24/7 availability of data, the data store enables cost reductions, higher performance, and increased data security. Our iS2 experts support you in the initial assessment of solution approaches and identify the best factors of the assessment together with you. In the implementation phase we ensure that all your goals are achieved successfully. Our specialists have already supported many insurance customers in all subjects related to decoupled architecture and ODS – why shouldn’t you benefit from our expertise?