network big data connectionYou want to get the most out of your data? We are here to provide support. Every individual business process leaves a digital footprint in the systems. This means your company already has a vast quantity of data – distributed across a wide variety of systems. New data are added by the minute. Big data is the new key buzzword in the insurance and finance industries. Big data offers you both the challenge and opportunity of using the available data to the maximum benefit of your organisation and customers.

How to convert data into valuable knowledge

Our experienced data specialists not only support you in converting your data into valuable knowledge, but also in using it in an intelligent and value-adding fashion for your insurance product sale. Generating valuable knowledge from data is the fundamental principle of data analytics. Data science draws on artificial intelligence to help you use your data smartly, enabling you to give individual advice for the future. For instance, on the basis of obvious causation and empirical values from the sales and service centres, probabilities for the future behaviour of every single customer are determined.

Exploit the entire potential of your data

From this, our experts derive individual next best actions for your sales team. Predictive modelling or causation based on probabilities also contribute to increasing accuracy. A customised predictive cockpit prepares you optimally for future challenges. Anomaly and pattern detection not only improve risk and fraud management within your organisation but also enable you to react to problems at short notice. In addition, the predictive approach supports you in conducting effective marketing that reaches the right person at the right time and place without any wastage. With customer clustering you can get to the ultimate requirement in digital transformation: Customer focus. Customer clustering enables your company to understand your customers in every detail. This will make your sales team fit for responding to the personal requirements of customers and prospects before, during and after the customer pitch, thus obtaining the optimum result for both parties.

Positive service experience across all touchpoints.

Predictive modelling guarantees a positive service experience for your customers across all touchpoints. Our experts will assist you competently and reliably on this path. By connecting scientific methods with best practice cases we respond to your requirements and prepare you for the challenges of the digital future both technically and technologically.