jump run sport hill happyThe desire for more agility in an increasingly complex IT world is greater then ever. In too many cases, large software projects require an excessive amount of time and cause unbudgeted high costs but do not provide the results desired by users. This poses a real problem for digital transformation inside companies. In addition, in many organisations, knowledge and expertise are spread over several units. The resulting data silos mean that a variety of organisational units are responsible for technical requirements.

Consistent customer orientation thanks to agile structures

This leads to time-consuming coordination and decision-making processes. Under these conditions, a quick response to customer requirements and a consistent, customer-oriented product view are no longer possible. Moreover, companies are finding the search for qualified IT specialists increasingly difficult. Highly skilled candidates have the freedom of choice. As a rule, innovative companies with modern working conditions and an agile structure stay ahead of the game. To pave the way to digital culture in your company, we work according to the principle of agile transformation which focuses on people: your customers and your team. By assigning technical as well as team responsibilities we enable consistent customer orientation.

Cross the finishing line quicker with Design Thinking &c.

iS2 supports you in the internal construction and development of agile teams, such as Scrum teams. If required, we can provide you with qualified and certified Scrum Masters and Product Owners. In innovation projects and product development, our agile coaches rely on Design Thinking as the preferred method of innovation. We raise our customers’ competitive edge with agile coaching and the implementation of agile transformation projects. The quick implementation of new products and customer requirements is the greatest asset of agile organisational structures. Assigned the responsibility for specific technical subjects or products, agile teams and divisions have more room for manoeuvre and design options. This has been proven to increase the satisfaction of employees in modern work environments. Moreover, explicit team commitments achieve higher quality.

Agile thinking and acting

On the basis of our long-term experience in software development, we offer a complete range of services tailored to the requirements of our customers, from the operative implementation of agile software projects to agile coaching as part of our IT consulting service. The portfolio of successfully conducted digitalisation projects in the agile world of our customers, in particular in the fields of insurance and finance, includes Design Thinking in innovation projects, implementation of Scrum teams, support as Scrum Masters and Product Owners, agile transformation of product management projects, agile requirement engineering with User Stories, change management at division and department levels up to the corporation-wide introduction of DevOps. We are committed 100% to agility and follow this approach in our thinking and acting. iS2’s company culture relies on agile mind set, agile methods and practised DevOps philosophy.